IVY CODE Technologies is an initiative to provide Software Solutions to all peoples working in different sections of the society. While covering and fulfilling this initiative, it takes utmost care of the economic, infrastructure and working feasibility of our clients.

Unlike other software companies which provide a standard solution for all clients of the same domain, we are specialized in understanding and giving priority to the client’s small specific requirements, thereby supplying him with a “completely” customized quality solution.

IVY CODE Technologies is managed and operated by a pool of very experienced peoples, who have already established themselves in IT industry long back. IVY CODE Technologies consists of Analysts, Designers, Software Engineers, QAs and Implementers & Trainers. Besides it provides quality, after sale services through its maintenance & support wing.

Currently we are providing solutions on various domains such as Jewel (Design, Production & Inventory Management) System, Billing System, Online Examination System, Pharmaceutical Sale & Inventory Management System, Product Comparison System, Insurance Legal Cases Management, Mining & Blasting Control System, School Management System (includes Library Management System), Employee ERP System etc.

In addition we welcome the outsourced projects.

We would be glad to welcome your queries regarding any software project or concept and have you as our esteemed client.

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