The term “Logo” refers to a graphic symbol called emblem, used by the companies, organizations, firms and even by individuals to promote them and to get recognition in the market. Logos can be in the form of Icons or may be composed of organization’s name which is called logotype or wordmark.

Logo Designing involves a very careful study of company’s name, domain and motto which will reflect in the Logo. It is one of many services that a good graphic designer can provide to a professional company that is looking to make an impression on the marketplace.

If the Logo is poorly planned and created, it would not be catchy and so will not be able to attract the public and stay in their minds. It is the Logo which resonate the company’s name.

IVY Code Technologies appreciates and realizes the importance of Logo. It is therefore, client is involved in a proper and thorough discussion for planning the logo. Many rough sketches pass the eyes of client until one is finalized. Proper color and typeface makes up the next addition followed with some fine touch which brings life to the Logo.

IVY Code Technologies provides LOGO DESIGNING.

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