As we take a special interest and care of our customer’s every small bit of requirements we work in a slightly special manner, which guarantees that our customers leave delighted with the product and provide us the chance of serving them more.

Before commencing, we ponder and consider all the models as per the current project scenario, namely “Waterfall Model”, “Spiral Model”, “RAD Model” etc but in a more realistic and practical manner. This means that we are not confined to the typical bookish mode of working. Flexibility is always there, but then again not at the cost of process discipline. As per the complexity we decide the architecture. Besides MVC and Agile, we have developed our own architecture – archIVY.

Products are planned as per the economic, infrastructure and implementation feasibility of the clients. They do not contain unnecessary complexities and are highly user friendly. Development is under continuous surveillance and rigorous testing. Data Integrity is ensured and is supported with backup facility. Implementation followed by Training to the client’s staff is provided. The journey not only stops here, further proper Support and Maintenance is also provided to the clients.

The relationship with our clients continues in terms of extending their software or creating a new one for a new domain. Our method of working also helps the customer to streamline and optimize their process in a better way.

Looking to hear from you. You can reach us through any of our contact modes.