IVY Code Technologies, at the very first level involves its analysts to ponder and brainstorm over the Customer’s business scenario and the kind of automation required. This identifies the gaps and the shortcomings in the existing processes. Thereafter, various solution models are proposed to the Customer.

As per the Customer’s feasibility and choice, our architects design state-of-the-art framework keeping in view the future perspective. The framework is tested to check the fulfillments and then given shape and life by the designers and the developers. At every stage the application passes through the testers and QA. Integration is followed by the final testing. The application is then handed over to the customer supported by a proper training.

Our work and responsibility doesn’t stop here as we provide our customers the support and maintenance as and when required.

We provide the following Web Application Services:

  • Static Web Application.
  • Dynamic Web Application.
  • E-Commerce Solutions.
  • Content Management Solutions.
  • ERP System.

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